Theft of Fence at Farrow Riverside Miracle Park Construction Site

       On Tuesday, September 11 at approximately 10:30am, two (2) sections of the recently erected construction fence was stolen from the site of the new Farrow Riverside Miracle Park, located on Wyandotte St E (across  from Metro). There was a witness that described the truck as a 2010-2014 Silver, 4 door GMC Pickup. Two men wearing reflective construction vests were seen loading the fence on the truck. One of the Men had a beard. The next day another two (2) sections went missing as well. The fence is aluminum coloured and 6 ft high by 10 ft wide. The truck was last seen heading East on Wyandotte. Anyone with further information can contact Windsor Police at (519) 258-6111 or Crime Stoppers at (519) 258-8477 (TIPS).

Police Report Number is 78971.

RMBA & Farrow Riverside Miracle Park.

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