RMBA Travel Tryout Update

Releases are NOT required during this time and no fee is charged.

For more information contact the head coach.

NOTE: dates have been added for some teams

Bantam Major (born 2004):
Rick Prior, rickpriorbaseball@gmail.com 519-990-9396, Andrew Morneau, Jesse Centrulla, Sean Duquette, Adam Prior, Brandon Wilson – Tryouts  Completed, List at,  http://bantammajor.riversidebaseball.com/

Bantam Minor (born 2005):
Chris Lewis, 519-735-5151, Marc Picard, Ryan Leonard – Tryouts Completed; List will be posted soon!!

Pee Wee Major (born 2006):
Pat Grondin, 519-791-7967, Kris Meloche, Marc Murphy, Richard Shaw –

Pee Wee Minor (born 2007):
Darren Cull, 519-562-3937, Jason Bryans, Rich Renaud, Alex Cull, Nick Cull, Chris Rinaldi-Ross – Tryouts Completed!

Mosquito Major (born 2008):
Ryan Blair, 248-778-5835, John Holmes, Andrew Kane, Russ Robinet – Tryouts Completed!!

Mosquito Minor (born 2009):
Jody Brown 519-817-3717, Mike Alton, Tom Beale, Mike Rocheleau – Tryouts Completed!!

Rookie Ball Major (born 2010):
Trevor Drake, 248-508-7316, Scott Amlin, Joel Holmes, Jorin Welsh – Tryouts Completed!

Rookie Ball Minor (born 2011):
Logan Lenarduzzi, 519-564-1385 – Tryouts Completed!

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