House League Rules

Riverside Minor Baseball Rules


The official rules of baseball apply with the following exceptions:
Each player present for a game shall appear in the batting line-up the whole game and in the field for at least three innings. Rule is not violated due to
an abbreviated game. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of game. Coaches are encouraged to rotate fielding positions and batting order.
1. Rookie Ball plays 10 players in the field. Other divisions play with 9 players in the field.
2. Helmets must be strapped and are to be worn as per manufacturer’s intent by the batter, on-deck batter, catcher and all runners. Any player
warming up a pitcher must wear a mask. Rookie Ball players in the pitching positions are to wear helmets with masks. Athletic cups are to be worn.
On deck batters are to be in the circle so that the batter’s number is visible.
3. Steel spikes may not be worn. Only shatterproof glasses may be worn in the field. No visible jewellery is allowed.
4. A runner who charges a defensive player attempting to make a tag will be called out and possibly ejected from the game.
5. Managers, coaches, and umpires are responsible for and shall promote good conduct and sportsmanship of all players.
6. No coaches shall smoke during games.
7. A player or coach who swears or uses abusive language or who throws a helmet or bat will be EJECTED from the game.
8. All ejections result in an additional one game suspension to be served the following complete game. All ejections are subject to review by the
convener, commissioner, and the president, or their designates, to determine further suspensions.
9. Players and coaches must be attired in the full uniform issued. Coaches are responsible for their players’ compliance.
10. Teams with an insufficient number of players may borrow players from an opposing team. Players may not be borrowed during the playoffs.
11. Players may be called up from a league below but are considered pool players and do not belong to any one team and are not permitted to pitch.
12. In all games the home team keeps the official score. It is the responsibility of the visiting team to check the score.
13. All weekday games begin at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted on the schedule.
14. During the regular season no inning may start after 8:30 p.m.(8:00 pm Rookie Ball and Mosquito) unless played on a lighted field. Curfew is 11:00 p.m.
15. Home team sits on the third baseline bench.
16. If lightning is seen by an umpire, the game is over.
17. The winning coach must report the score to the convenor on the evening of the game. .
18. During the regular season the convenor is responsible to cancel games due to weather. He must inform the umpire-in-chief and the coaches of the
cancellation. Coaches are encouraged to reschedule these games through their convenor.
19. Rookie Ball – See attached Ontario Baseball Rookie Ball Rules.
20. Mosquito, Pee Wee, & Bantam – Once a team scores 5 runs, or if the team which is losing scores enough runs to be ahead by 5 runs, then the
inning Is over (This rule does not apply for the last inning.)
21. If a pitcher hits two batters in one inning, he must be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the inning. He may return to pitch
in subsequent innings; however, if he hits another batter, he cannot pitch again that game.
21. Mosquito – Six (6) inning games with 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, constituting a complete game if called by the umpire. Pitchers
may pitch only three (3) innings per game. This may be exceeded by three innings during an extra inning game. One pitched ball to an opposing
player counts as a full inning. The batter is automatically out on a third strike. Runners may not advance when the ball is in the possession of catcher
being returned to the pitcher. Runners may not score on a passed ball or wild pitch. Runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball crosses
the plate. Penalty – one warning per game per team, then runners will be called out.
22. Pee Wee & Bantam – Seven (7) inning games with 4 ½ if the home team ahead constitutes a complete game. Pitchers may pitch no more than
four (4) innings per game. This may be exceeded by three (3) innings if there is an extra inning game. One pitched ball to an opposing batter counts
as a full inning. No over-age Bantam is permitted to pitch.
23. Playoffs – Rookie Ball, Mosquito, Pee Wee, and Bantam
Round-robin format to determine two (2) finalists to participate in the “Day of Champions”.
All games are to be played to completion (a winner to be determined). If halted by darkness or weather, the game will be continued from where it
was halted.

Only the convenor or his designate may postpone a game.
A team, with fewer than nine (9) players (10 in Rookie Ball) may borrow players from the league below.
A forfeit will be declared if a team has insufficient players 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
If managers wish to enter a protest, they must notify the umpire at the time of the infraction of his intentions. The score sheet with the proper date
and umpire’s signature, along with a written resume of the reasons for the protest must be presented to the league convenor within 24 hours of the
completion of the game. The league convenor, the umpire-in-chief, and the commissioner of baseball or their designates shall meet and rule on all
protests. Judgement calls are not protestable
If teams are tied following the round-robin:
#1. “Head to Head” competition shall determine which teams advance.
#2 If three teams are still tied for first then a random lottery will be held to choose one team to advance and the other two teams will play one game
to decide the other finalist.
#3 if three teams are tied for second and #1 above does not determine a finalist then a random lottery will be held to choose one team to get a bye
while the others play a five-inning game. The winner of that game will then play the team with the bye in a five-inning game to determine the finalist.
In all other tie situations the convenor, commissioner, and the president of R.M.B.A. shall decide on the method of resolutions using the general
principles stated here in.

Division Pitchers Mound Bases
Rookie Ball & Mosquito 44 Feet 65
Pee Wee 50 Feet 75
Bantam 54 Feet 80

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