Playoff Rules

Playoffs – Rookie Ball, Mosquito, Pee Wee, and Bantam

  • Round-robin format to determine two (2) finalists to participate in the “Day of Champions”.
  • All games are to be played to completion (a winner to be determined). If halted by darkness or weather, the game will be continued from where it was halted.
  • Only the convenor or his designate may postpone a game.
  • A team, with fewer than nine (9) players (10 in Rookie Ball) may borrow players from the league below.
  • A forfeit will be declared if a team has insufficient players 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
  • If managers wish to enter a protest, they must notify the umpire at the time of the infraction of his intentions. The score sheet with the proper date and umpires signature, along with a written resume of the reasons for the protest must be presented to the league convenor within 24 hours of the completion of the game. The league convenor, the umpire-in-chief, and the commissioner of baseball or their designates shall meet and rule on all protests. Judgement calls are not protestable.

If teams are tied following the round-robin:

#1. “Head to Head” competition shall determine which teams advance.

#2. If three teams are still tied for first then a random lottery will be held to choose one team to advance and the other two teams will play one game to decide the other finalist.

#3. If three teams are tied for second place and #1 above does not determine a finalist then a random lottery will be held to choose one team to get a bye while the others play a five-inning game. The winner of that game will then play the team with the bye in a five-inning game to determine the finalist. In all other tie situations the convenor, commissioner, and past president of R.M.B.A. shall decide on the method of resolution using the general principles stated here.



Division Pitchers Mound Bases
Rookie Ball & Mosquito 44 Feet 65
Pee Wee 50 Feet 75
Bantam 54 Feet 80

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