Team Calendar Import & Subscriptions


Team Calendar Subscriptions

iPhone/iPad Calendar Subscription


  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Mail, Contact, Calendars
  3. Tap on Add Account… under the Mail Section
  4. Tap on Other.
  5. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar under the Other section
  6. Enter or copy in the server address listed here:
    and replace the travel team name. (eg. webcal:// )
  7. Add a Description like Bantam Minor Calendar for easy viewing.
  8. You do not have to enter any other fields.
  9. Tap the Next button.
  10. Tap the Save button.

Google Calendar Subscription

Note: You can only add a calendar using a link from a computer, not the app.

  1. Open Google Calendar in your web browser.
  2. Next to Other Calendars in the sidebar on the left, click the Down Arrow just right of the title.
  3. Select Add by URL.
  4. Enter the calendar’s address in the field provided. The address looks like this:
    Don’t forget to replace the travel team name. (eg. webcal:// )
  5. Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under the Other Calendars.

All Calendar Links

Rookie Minor: webcal://
Rookie Major: webcal://
Mosquito Minor: webcal://
Mosquito Mix: webcal://
Mosquito Major: webcal://
Pee Wee Minor: webcal://
Pee Wee Mix: webcal://
Peewee Major: webcal://
Bantam Minor: webcal://
Bantam Major: webcal://

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